Truth about orbs?

by James

I have been studying Orbs for some time , and have listerned to a lot of comments about them such as dust in front of a camera lense , not so , i have tried diferent things in front of my camera`s but nothing looks like the Orbs that i have come across,different shapes , sizes , colours, dust does not and i repeat,NOT, come UP from the floor,i use an infra red video camera and see lots of Orbs rising from the floor of my flat,

dust does not sudernly appear from thin air and dissapear into thin air as my Orbs do right in front of my eyes,i beleive they are the spirits of people who have passed on but not yet reached their destination.

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Jan 26, 2012
Totally Agree!
by: Sky

Look at this fantastic shot from the other day. Plus there's one on the site with my deceased granddaughters mother giving her a kiss on Christmas..I too read so many people say they are 'dust' and 'lent', but we know their not..

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