true ghost story

by jordan

when i was about 6, i had these weird dreams for a few years. i was always in a grey room with no windows or doors and i was trapped. the only other person that was there was some guy who looked a few years older than i was. what sucked is that he was always trying to kill me! the dreams stopped when i was about 8.

i moved to florida when i was 11. everything was fine, but within a few months, i had the same dream again. the scary part was, the same crazy person was there, but he looked all grown up. like he had actualy aged with the years that have gone by. i'll never forget that evil scary smile on his face. i was a little jumpy for a day or two then forgot about it.

about a week later, i was sitting in my room home alone at night. i thought i heard it raining outside, and was totaly excited (when you live in floridas heat, u learn to apreciate rain). i went and opened my window shades to see the rain, but it was just the air conditioning system rite outside my window. i was really disappointed, but then i saw the guy from my dream rite behind me in the windows reflection. he had a serious look on his face other than his creepy smile. i turnned around but no one was there. i couldnt move for 2 minutes. im just hopping it doesnt happen again.

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