by Anonymous
(Oregon, USA)

First, pretty much any property the McMenamin brothers turn into a brew pub/hotel tends to have a ghost or two or three. Every last one I've visited has had something happen there.

Edgefield used to be the old poorhouse and every last building on the grounds I've been in or near has had something happening - nurses and doctors still do their rounds, room 215 has at least one ghost, the ghost of small children will follow you around the grounds and touch you, the old grain silo has a couple of ghosts who will hold a regular conversation if you use a Frank's Box to communicate with them...
The funniest thing we experienced on a recent ghost tour was the ghost of a golfer cussing out one of the members of our party for getting in his way when he was trying to play through. I hope she reports this; it was pretty funny actually.
Sample the spirits...then visit the spirits if you dare.

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