Treasures Etc. Jonesville, MI

by John Walker
(Jonesville, MI)

My family opened up a store here in Jonesville in December of 2011. Since then we have had several very strange things happen to all of us. The first was in February. My dad was organizing the storage room in the basement and had our family dog with him. He heard a very faint moan and felt a very cold feeling in the air. The dog heard it too and was on point and facing in the direction of the sound the whole time. Suddenly the dog bolted upstairs and sat by the front door and wouldn't move until my dad left the store. The next night, I had a digital recorder with me and decided to do some investigating. So I turned on the recorder and walked around the whole basement in the dark asking simply for something to let itself be known. I went directly to the spot where my dad and the dog had been the night before and asked the same questions. When I reviewed the recording, you can hear a very heavy breath near the microphone (despite the fact that the microphone was no where near my mouth or any clothing) and only in the spot where the incident happened. Gave me the chills when I heard it. Another incident happened in the daytime. We had an older employee come up to our counter and tell me that we really should keep the radio down in the back room because it's far too loud, I went back there to turn it down and it was silent. The next day I was the first one in and heard what sounded like laughter and talking in the same room, when I opened the door to it, silence again. From what I have been told, the building that stood here before ours burned down sometime in the 20's or 30's with loss of life. The foundation of our store was built on the same foundation of the original store and still has stone walls and tunnels that are rumored to either be part of the underground railroad or from the days of bootlegging. Either way, something is still here.

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