transformed face

by susue

I was walking downstairs in my basement doing some laundry when all of a sudden the lights shut off.

They flickered on for about half of a seconds and in that half of a second i saw this face.

I can't really tell you that much about it cause I didn't get a close look at it well of course.

So I probably did the most stupidest thing that anyone would probably ever do. I froze in place and i didn't want to bump into what ever that thing was so i sat by the wall in the basement cuddled up into a ball and just trying not to cry.

When all of the sudden the lights turned on and i opened my eyes and right there beside me sitting up against the wall was this face again.

The face looked burnt and one eye was sewed shut and was just basically a huge lump compared to the other eye that was normal.

He had short black hair with a scar above his lumpy eye.

His lips were lipstick black and i cant remember anything else.

So i booked it for the stairs and have never to this day went back down in my basement.

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