Town Center Poltergiest

by Shannon
(Virginia Beach)

I was only thirteen at the time. My sister and i were up past our bedtime playing around in our room. When suddenly i heard a strange noise. Thinking it was my younger sister playing a prank on me, i thought nothing of it. As the conversation goes on, i feel this pulling sensation throughout my body and i thought i had seen a young girl standing by my bed. Apperantly my sister noticed the mysterious little girl was there as well. She asked me if i had any friends over i said no and asked her the same thing. It was unexplainable and we were terrified. I decided that it was only my imagination and i tried to go to sleep. That was a big mistake on my part.I felt the pulling sensation again. All of a sudden my blanket was whipped off my body and was on the floor. I got up and began yelling at my sister who just woke up from a deep sleep. She started to get upset when i began to accuse her. She claimed the blanket fell off my bed. So once again i layed back down. I couldnt seem to fall asleep though because i just couldnt shake the feeling that i was being watched. The pulling sensation i had only got stronger then i started to get pulled under my bed. I began to scream and grabbed onto my sisters bed which was only inches away from mine. My sister began to scream as well. As i was holding on for dear life to my sisters bed she began to smack my hands off her bed. The pulling finally stopped. When we woke up that morning we told my parents what had happened. they said they hadnt heard anything that night. When we moved out, we noticed a mark where my bed had been. It was also there when the maintenence men had removed the carpet. It was then when i realised it was trying to drag me down to hell.

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