T.O.S. Paranormal on the best graveyards around Opelika Al. GO TIGERS !!!!!!

by Connie Maddox
(Opelika Al. U.S.A.)

Well guys its Connie again and got a great grave yard for you that is in Cusseta Al.One great grave yard. I use this location for training new investigators due to the fact it is so very active. One side of the grave yard is old with older graves and the other side with more up to date graves. Needless to say we get more ghost action on the older side. Like I have said before the more you visit the same location the more you build up a repore with the spirits even a friendship. This place has always been a treat to go to. Due to the fact that I am a "sensitive" I get all kind of different feelings from this grave yard, however this was the very first place I saw my first shadow figures. One of my team Allen and myself and my daughter Leah went there one full moon night just on a nothning to do night decided while we were riding around. We got there and Allen and I got out of the car Leah never liked this grave yard she decided to stay in the car. At this time was when we found out we had no flash lights. We decided since it was so well lighted with the full moon we would just walk around a little. We were looking around and about 25-30ft. away I saw a dark figure that was about 5ft. tall and maybe 2ft. across could not see through it. I told Allen "look

over here there is a dark figure at that tomb stone" I pointed. I was so into that figure I never saw what Allen was looking at on the other side was another dark figure much taller. Allen said"not to worry they are not mov...." Before Allen could get out of his mouth moving just like you see in a special effect movie both figures moved like in 1 second they were in our face. at that time I had my head buried in Allens back saying very high pitched Where are they, Where are they? Allen said about 2ft, away from us not moving. GUYS no joke I almost left something in my pants I never intented to leave. The next comment that Allen said was just the thing to bring me back to earth some with a very small laughAllen says "ITS OK I HAVE MY KNIFE OUT" I returned with "OH GOOD LORD ALLEN THEY ARE ALREADY DEAD DIMWIT" We side stepped all the way back to the car and I believe that was the first time I took a breath.We both looked at each other and said the same thing at almost the same time "that was too cool" however I was not at this time ready to go back lol. That was one of the best display of ghost action although some say this is not a spirit but energy left. Well honey if it is energy left they could have lite up the whole town lol.

Happy ghost hunting Connie

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