Thorsby, Alabama

by chris
(Thorsby, AL)

My family and I have been living in our home for about two years. Recently I have been seeing a little boy walking around my house. The night that it first started, I was joking with my kids about the house being haunted. I walked through the living room and looked up the hall and saw the boy sitting on the bed in my daughter's room. I thought that was just my mind playing tricks on me because I was teasing my kids about ghosts in the house. Then a few nights later i saw him walking through the kitchen. Then a few days later I was walking to the bathroom and saw him sitting on the couch. I have seen him about 10-12 times in the last couple of months. I told my wife and kids about him but nobody believed me, until a few days ago. My wife was laying in our bed , the bathroom door swung open, my wife heard it, turned over and was face to face with the boy. When she looked at him, the boy started screaming. This scared my wife very badly, and she has always been a sceptic of ghosts. She picked up the phone and called to tell me what had happened. The little boy doesn't bother my family or anything in my home. He just walks around my home and hangs out. However, the thing that bothers me about the boy is that we have lived here for a couple of years and just recently started seeing him. It makes me pray that nothing bad has happened to a child near my home. Although recently some road and bridge work was done near my home. Maybe they unearthed something.

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