Thomas and Maddie -- Indian Creek-VA

by Diane

As it was getting late, I decided to take a short cut through the field and as I came upon the gate, I saw it was topped with a loose chain hanging through the top railing of the gate. I got off my horse and removed the chain and opened the metal gate. As I led my horse through the gate and turned to close the gate, I heard someone say "Look under the bush and remove the rock." . I jumped! There was not a soul around. The evening had turned to dusk. Light was scarce. I knew I was alone. Maybe I had imagined the voice. I turned once again to the task of replacing the chain upon the gate. Once again the voice came.. "Quick!..Look under the bush and remove the rock!". I jumped and turned. There was no one. I looked hesitantly around. There was a bush growing about 6 feet upon the bank. It hung low to the ground. I went up the bank and bent and looked underneath the bush. There lay a large flat rock about 16 inches wide. I reached and took hold of the rock and tugged. I pulled it from under the bush. I saw an old worn leather pouch. It was stiff and hard to the touch. The drawstring held the to tight. I worked to open the pouch. In it I found a lot of old gold coins and a fragile old letter and a tin photo of a young woman. She had her hair pulled up with a ribbon. I also found a yellow gold band. Time had weathered it dull. As my fingers touched the ring, the voice said, "Give it to Maddie. Tell her I was coming home. Tell her I tried. Tell her

I always loved her. Tell her. Please..Don't forget..! I turned and once again there was no one.I took the pouch and cautiously went on my way. When I got home, I examined the letter. It took some time as it was yellowed and falling apart. I found an address. . I wondered. Still some how the pleading still echoed in my mind. I grabbed a pen and a small box. I packaged the letter, gold, and the ring. I wrote a note telling of where and how I found it. I mailed it out the next morning.. Time went past and I often wondered what had become of it. It hadn't been returned by the postal worker. I knew it had went through. About 4 months later, I recieved a letter in return. The writer told of how Maddie was his kin. How she had lay upon her bed sick. The moment she recieved the letter, gold, and ring, she smiled. She said "I knew you wouldn't forget. I knew you loved me. Thomas dear, thank you for sending me word. I am coming to you now! I love you too dear!" And then she died. She had waited for Thomas to return all her life.He had left to go look for work and get money for them to marry. She never saw him again. Some members of her family later learned that Thomas had started to come back after making his fortune. He had been waylaid and killed at that place near the gate. He died before he could reach his Maddie. She never knew. No one could tell her for fear of hurting her further as she was heart broke. But she never gave up waiting for him. Now, she and Thomas would never be parted again..

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