Thibadoux- Nicholls State University

Rumor has it a girl jumped to her death in ellender dorm. At night in ellender people report hearing strange noise especially on the 6 th story where the girls dorm was. Nicholls itself was built on an old civil war battle grounds. In the education building on the outside you can feel the air turn super cold in 100 degree weather but only in one spot but not by air vents. Inside the same building while going up stairs you can feel somebody brush past you. In the student union in the food court one of the tables will look occupied by a girl but when you walk to it the girl just disappears. Strangely there is no records of suicide on school grounds, but in ellender all electronics will turn theirselves on and off and randomly work and stop working. People who stay there try to sleep else where because of the weird stuff that goes on.

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