The Columns Hotel, New Orleans

the columns hotel

The Columns Hotel

3811 St

Charles Avenue

New Orleans

Louisiana 70115.

Tel: 899-9308


The hotel was created in 1883 by a tobacco merchant named Simon Hernsheim as his dream home and also for the purpose of entertaining friends and guests.

In 1898, this mansion passed from the Hernsheim family, to a series of several other owners, who also used it as a family home. In the earlt 20th century it became an high class boarding house until it was eventually transformed into the hotel it is today.


There are three ghosts at this property, all are thought to be gentle and well mannered beings. The first and most commonly seen is that of an elderly gentle man, thought to be Simon Hernsheim himself, he has been known to check up on guests while in their rooms, appearing as an apparition before gently fading away.

The second ghost is that of a woman who likes to float around in a white attire, her apparition has been seen by the living in the ballroom and the garden area.

The other ghosts is that of a little girl, who she is remains unknown but it is thought she was the victim of disease or an accident, she has been seen around the balcony area on the third floor.

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