The woods:The danger

by Uriah Elisabeth McCook

Not sure how to start,Well,it was in november of 2010,and well i was going to stay the night with my best friend,Sara,and we never knew what that night had in mind,we knew the place where she lived was haunted and we knew something would happen,so when we got to her house we decided to go ride her dad's hunting cart.

Into the woods we went,We feel like we were getting weight down by something like we were in tar,but we keep going suddenly it stopped,the cart,
"Sara,get us out of here!" i yelled!
no answer.
"Uriah,i cant move!"she said,we are both girls so we alway get scared of this.
"Let me.!"We traded seats
i put that baby up to 50 and got out of there. i turned back and saw a black fiqure chasing i drove fast then,it was right there beside us......
Finally,We got out of there!!!
We dont know what it was but we think it was a demon so we call it "Danger" and we always have thought of that day we still think it was evil and it isnt gone but here is one thing i'll never forget
One day.Me and sara went to her house and we were going to see and then we went to bed but i woke up and i saw a little girl and she touched sara's head,and she said "Goodbye"
i knew for a fact it was Sally.

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