The Woods Behind County Line Elementary School

by Casey
(United States)

One time at recess me and my friend, Elizabeth, went up on the hill to look at the woods. There is a shed there, and i saw a face in the window of the shed. I told Elizabeth to tell me if she saw it, too. She couldn't see it, but she told me she saw a bloody shadow near us. So we ran.

Not a good idea, Because that same day I was home alone for two hours and I was so scared I didn't feel safe in my own home. So i called Elizabeth and went into my backyard. Again, not a the best idea I've had. Because the year before my next door neighbor had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head and now his brother lived there. there he was, standing there, watching me.

i ran over into the corner of the fence. the support bar snapped and hit me in the hip bone. i fell to my knees and dropped the phone. when i picked it up it said "Call Canceled." so i was on my knees, with a ghost trying to hurt me.

I sprinted in side my house and simultaneously called Elizabeth again. She asked me what had happened but i blacked out for like 5 minutes before i could tell her. So for the rest of 5th grade instead of us hunting ghosts, ghosts hunted us.

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