The Tulip Staircase ghost

by Heather Finlay
(Hamilton Ontario Canada)

The Tulip staircase ghost looks like two ghosts to me, one in white at the bottom with its left hand on railing, and the second one is above in black also with its left hand on the railing.

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Jul 31, 2013
The Tulip Staircase NEW
by: WV, USA

I agree on there being two ghosts on the stair, they do both have their left hands on the railing. What I find intriguing is the right hand of the white ghost, either it is being grasped by the black ghost and being pulled up the stair, or it has it's hand on the black ghosts back and following it up, but creepily enough, due to the position of the right arm and the bearing of the white ghost, in my opinion, it ( the white one) is being forced up the stair. I've only ever seen the photo. Is there a story behind this apparition? Was someone taken up there and then pushed over the railing sometime, or maybe was there a gallows at one time on this sight?

Mar 05, 2012
Try this
by: Anonymous

Take picd and post them here to investigate.

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