The time me and my friends went exploring

by Logan Stone
(Wildwood, NJ)

So me and my friends JD, justin and I where just riding around when we saw this old decrepit house so me being a dumbass I said hey so who wants to go inside. Before we rode up on this place I thought I saw a dark shadow move across one of the windows(now be as it may it mid June it's 80 degrees outside and it's 5 in the afternoon) and after I saw that I got a creepy feeling that I shouldn't of gone there so I took the first step into this Victorian style looking house and I looked down the hall to the right of me and I two reds eyes stair at me. After I saw that I meet up with JD and I asked him if he has saw anything yet he said "no". So I'm up on the second floor ad there's a gap big enough to see through the first floor and as I looked down I saw a person in white walk down and into one of the rooms so I thought it JD so I called him and he came up on my left and I called justin and he up on the same level as me. After I saw that this thing was looking at as from a corner it had to be at least 6ft tall with no eyes it was dark and u couldn't see through it. As I was looking at this thing I told JD look and he saw it so we started to walk slowly back and as we did that it wound slowly come toward us so then justin said on the count of three we going to get the f@&$ out of here an never come back so he said three I was the first to run out and look behind us and the creature wasn't there. At that point I said I'm out I'm out f@&$ u all I'm out when I looked back at the house there was a figure in white looking down at use through a brooking window. I never returned to that house after that experience.

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