the tall man


First of all i wish to remain anomynous.

So this was the year of 2009 and I was in the fifth grade I can`t remember exactly what day it was. But one night I was watching ghost hunters and I dont know if I was hilusinating, but usually I dont get scared and dont imagine things when I watch things like ghost hunters. But any way I went to sleep on my couch, and it was around 3:00-4:00 in the morning when I woke up, and I first gazed at the t.v. for about one minute then I turned my head to the right, and I saw what looked like a tall man with curly hair. I saw the side of his face, I saw the identation where the eyes would be, and I also saw the nose, mouth, and chin. I became frightened and luckily he didn`t look at me, he walked along side of my wall and then disappeared. In the morning I was scared to go downstairs by myself.

After that night I would always hear several men having a conversation in my basement. When there`s no one home besides me and my brother, and my brother was upstairs with me so it couldnt have been him. I also made sure the t.v. wasn`t on, it wasn`t. I have to admit that freaked me out. I told my mom when she got home, and she didn`t believe me.

Since then I haven`t experienced anything, and I hope I never will.

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