The Swing

by Taylor
(Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

My cheer squad went to Bledsoe Creek State Park in Gallatin, TN for a camping weekend. We talked to the ranger who roamed the campground making sure everyone was okay. We had a large site (we had 4 tents, about 4 girls per tent) and there was a playground behind our lot. A swing on the swing set was moving on it's own. The squad and I went up there to check it out. We all put our hands in the middle of the swing-freezing cold. All but 3 girls ran back to the tents screaming. Only my friends, Elise and Juliana, and I stayed. I tried asking the spirit what it's name was- no answer. Then i asked for another sign to show us that it was there. Then the chains on the swing started moving. We started to get scared. The 3 of us looked at each other, wide eyed with pale faces. The I felt something on my back, as if the spirit was hugging me from behind, or something of the sort. I said, "E-Elise... J-Ju-Juliana..." They replied "Are you okay?" I respond, ever so calmly, "IT'S ON MY BACK! IT'S FREEZING COLD!" Then the 3 of us ran back to the tents, screaming. The other girls asked us what was wrong, so I screamed/replied, "IT WAS ON MY BACK! IT WAS COLD! OH MY GOD, MY SHIRT IS STILL COLD! I can now confirm that Bledsoe Creek State Park is haunted.

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