The Sick House

by Genie

We had just had twins and decided to move back to the area where I grew up and still had family.

After weeks of looking we found the perfect dream home. It was very large but we thought we would grow into it. It was a new build that the builders were finishing up on - the first owners had abandoned it unfinished.
Right after we moved in I started to get ill. Alergies I had as a child came back, I sure did not remember them being that bad. Three months later my husband lost his job and over the next 3 years we slowly ran up bills and sold things off all for trying to stay in this home.I became sicker and sicker during these same three years I had three surgeries - all removing this and that part from me. The last one left me weak with white skin and white hair barely able to move around. In the end we decided that we had to leave our dream home and downsize. As soon as we moved I got better. With in a month I had brown hair growing back in, my skin tanned back up, I was able to walk with out my cane.
While we lived in the house my toddlers would have night terrors. Screaming that someone was in there room watching them. We never saw anyone. We did the fake rituals to get a child back to sleep. They would use kiddie cameras to try to take pictures but nothing was ever there. As soon as we moved out the terrors stopped. No more talk of the person again.
Also as soon as we moved my husband got a new job.
Since we have left that house three people have bought it. none have lived in it more than a week.
Research I did on the land shows that a native indian tribe lived on that land. The house was on the highest hill on that land.

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