The Shadow Closet

by Anonymous
(Menlo Park, CA, US)

NOTE: This story is true. I can't promise that everything my sister and I heard or saw was necessarily a ghost, but after everything had happened, I'm pretty sure my sister's room does in fact have a spirit in it.

"My room is haunted." my sister announced. Now I am very interested in the paranormal, and jumped at the chance to do a little investigating. She told me that she felt something present in her room, and when she winked, an eye winked back. I ran into the room. The closet was closed. And then-a banging from inside. "I think...I think there is something in your closet." I whispered. Slowly, very cautiously, I got up and opened the closet door. Nothing. I left, discouraged. A little while later, my sister came into my room, looking shaken. I knew what had happened, and I joked, "What's up? You look as if you've seen a ghost." My sister gave me a hard look, but nodded. She had seen a shadowy figure in her closet. I knew what to do-I grabbed my iPod and tapped the Voice Memo app. I was going to do an EVP session. My sister and I asked the ghost questions, and waited for an answer. The only two we got answers for were Are you old or young? And Were you murdered, or did you die from sickness or age (natural causes)? We concluded that the ghost was young, and they died from natural causes. We're going to do another EVP soon, but that's about it.

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