The scary time

by Sarah
(Toronto On)

One day, I invited my friend Fatima to my house. As soon as she arrived, we were told that we were going to be left home alone. We highfived each other because we were going to stay home alone do it was just us. My parents left so that meant we could start running around a yelling. I walked by the fridge, and something fell badly inside. It made a "boom". Me and Fatima gasped. We started hearing more strange noises so we got really scared and headed outside in the balcony where no scary noises were herd. We were hoping that my parents will get home soon enough so that they can protect us if there is a ghost. A couple minutes later, they came home. They got home so early? Did they even go somewhere or did they just leave and come back? Anyway, we were happy because they were home. We headed inside since my parents were home to protect us. Me and Fatima did not hear anymore noises because my mother was talking kind of loud to my dad. She was talking loud so we couldn't heat anything. Fatima told me to just ignore the noises and start playing again. We had a nice time playing and forgot about the darn noises. After dinner, me and Fatima went to go watch a movie in the dark. Just us. My parents went downstairs to watch their movie do it was just me and Fatima. By the way my name is Sarah. We are both ten about to turn ellevin. We were watching a Christmas movie because it was almost Christmas and we were excited. We know we turned all the lights off, so I just turned my head to face the kitchen and we saw a light on, in the kitchen. We know we turned the lights off so why is that light on? We were too scared to go turn it off because we do not know how it turned on. We sereusly wanted the lights off so we started begging each other to turn the light off but we were way, way too scared to turn them off. I was tired of arguing about who will turn the lights off so I just went to go turn them off. As soon as a flicked the lights off, it flicked back on anyway! I screamed but my parents didn't hear me because the had the volume on the tv really

loud, I didn't know what the heck the we're watching with the volume so loud. I screamed, then Fatima screamed too because she saw Exacily what happened. I ran back to the sofa where we were watching tv. I just left the lights on because I was too scared and not crazy about turning them off again. Anyway we tried not to look or think about it. We just watched the movie but we still couldn't get that darn thing out of our mind because the lights were still on. Fatima turned her head to look into the kitchen where the lights were on and she turned to me and was like " I thought I saw something white fly by! I wanna get out of here!" We started tearing but not crying, just tearing because we weren't babies but we felt like babies. We were almost ellevin. Fatima thought she sereusly saw something. We were watching the movie untill like 10:30. It was that late so things were getting creepier and creepier. We wanted to go downstairs but the staircase was dark, and the light switch was beside the kitchen where the light was on and where the white thing flew. (Fatima saw the thing fly not me should I believe her or not). The lights for the staircase were beside the kitchen so we were to scared to touch them. We decided to just run down the stairway really fast so that we are quick enough to not notice anything creepy. We began running down the stairs. We were so scared that we were yelling down the stairs. We entered the living room where my parents were. We walked in and my mom was like, "what's with all the screaming?". "time to go to bed". My dad said. We didn't want to go to bed because we thought we would here all the scary noises that we herd before. Luckily, my mom walked us upstairs so we were safe but my mom didn't know what happened. My mon told us to brush our teeth then go to bed so she left and went back downstairs leaving all the lights off so we had to turn the creepy lights off. I ran quickly to shut the lights off but this time they stayed off and didn't turn on like before. We ran into bed hoping nothing will happen so yah. We survived the night. Woke up the next morning and we were happy.

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