The Saline Courthouse in Locust Grove Oklahoma

by Shelby Renee Edens
(Locust Grove, Oklahoma)

One day me and my friends were at the old saline courthouse and there's a small cemetary we were looking at and it seemed like there was a woman walking around in it she appeared out of knowhere by the old hanging tree searching for her baby and then we heard a small infant crying. when we seen her we jumped in the car and left immedietly.

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May 11, 2015
It's really haunted NEW
by: Ashley Girty

A few of my friends have gone there and each time they see or hear something. One of my friends said they stood under the hanging tree and he felt like he was getting choked. So my boyfriend and I decided to go with them, on the way there it was raining but as soon as we got there it stopped raining all of a sudden. So we got out and looked at the cemetery and one of my friends said they seen a blue orb looking thing. As we started walking towards the courthouse the wind picked up and started blowing towards us. One of my friends was walking way ahead of us and he all of a sudden stopped and then turned around and took off running to the car. When we asked what he saw he said he saw a black figure in the middle of the river. After that we all left.

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