The Revenge Sprit

by Shruti Guna and Varsha Bathija

My name is Emily Rodrigues and my twin sister Erika Rodrigues. We are orphans and we had a big brother Edward Rodrigues. We lived in a big home which our parents left who died in an accident.

Some people in our town tell us that to be careful. We dint not know why. The people tell that some one named Rodrigues in our family history is taking revenge in our family because and innocent people who know him,he was murdered by his own parents because he was deformed like is one eye was high and he could not hear properly. He knew that his parents did not like him. They murdered him when he was in bed sleeping his father from left took an ice prick and drove him into his chest. And his mother from right had got little tears and drove the knife into the stomach. After hearing this I and my twin really got scared because we also belong to the Rodrigues family all in our family were named RODRIGUES in the last of our name.
A few days later on 12th January my brother died by hanging on a tree we did not know the reason why he did. Beside of him I found a letter I was written “by Rodrigues” it was written in blood. My sister found another letter. It was written
“I have killed Edward, now you can’t see him again. I will come back after 3 years”
We immediately buried him in the cemetery, after two minutes we realized that we have done big mistake.
We went to a home sobbing, we were really scared, we were thinking of him before going to bed. My twin was asking me that will come back after three years. I said may be,the next day after we woke up we were horrified and screamed in horror. It was our cousin’s who were beaten to death and nailed them in our room wall. My sister started to cry and running all around the home to do something. I tried to console her but she said “Now we lost them also now we are totally orphans I thought we could have some one that dint make us orphans.”
She said sobbing. Then we buried them also my sister kept her favorite gift that she got from our cousins on the coffin. We were really sad.
We were fifteen and it was our birthday. We decided to makeover ourselves. Our best friend Courtney came home surprisingly. We were really happy she gifted us with our most favorite things. We decided to play a game. My twin said “let’s play bloody Mary” after we did what to do in the game we started to chant bloody Mary. But instead of her our beloved brother Edward came. We were fried like finger chips and potatoes from bottom to tip.
He said “my beloved sisters please be careful. Anything bad can happen to you.”
My sister immediately asked him what kind of trouble. But he didn’t say anything his face was changing into a horrified face and said “I am Rodrigues the insane killer”

Our faces were pale in the mirror and did not know what to do. Courtney went to the kitchen and bought a sharp knife and tried to kill us. We said “what are you doing? Are you crazy?”
But Courtney said “I am not Courtney I am Rodrigues, Rodrigues Jacob “
I said “what are you the new generation of Rodrigues? And are you a boy or a girl?”
But before I could complete my sister pushed her from back and caught my hand and tried to run out of the home. Courtney had 2 knifes in her hand. She threw on us but I got free from the hurt but my twin got stabbed on her shoulder.
I immediately got a taxi cab and took her to the hospital and do whatever I could. When the doctor said the results, I got a sigh relief that my sister got saved.
Now we are 20 years but we still have the fear that one day Rodrigues spirit will come again and take revenge on us. And we did not know what happened to Courtney. We hope she died.
We were not supposed to tell this to anyone, we want to have someone to share our feeling with. Hope our brother’s soul rest in peace.

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