The recent happenings in Fort Brown

by Noir Godz.
(brownsville, texas, usa)

Hello! First of all I want to say you have an awsome site going on. But I noticed that the picture you have for the University of Texas in Brownsville, in Fort Brown Brownsville Texas USA is not of any of the buildings in this school.

I work and study here, so i think having a pic that doesnt match reality kinda takes away credibility from your site.

You can find many real pics in or

Anyway! Onto my stories (about fort brown)

I work in and study in this school. Its deff. haunted.

The little kid looking for his mom is real

I had never heard about the stories about the little boy looking for his mom on this campus until one day I was near the old morgue by the Oliveira Library (within campus) and I started hearing this little kids voice, it sounded like he was calling out for someone.
I looked around several times and realized the sound was coming from an area near by the large japanese tree that’s near the old morgue. Whenever I would get closer to the spot I could hear the kid louder, but there was no one there.
I walked into the library to ask if anyone had reported a missing kid. I told the girl in the front desk what I heard and she just stared at me and then handed me a print out of the schools publication "Ghosts of Fort Brown" where the story of the kid was printed.

Like 2 months later my mom picked me up and she asked me to wait in the car while she ran real quick to use the bathroom in the library. She says that when she got close to the area she started feeling like a little kid was tugging at her skirt.

More Freakyness in the Oliveira Library

If you have ever been in this place you KNOW what I am talking about when I say it just doesn’t feel right in there. There is this strange creepiness about the place that just ALWAYS gets to you.
The study rooms in the second floor all have large windows and when the lights are off inside the study rooms the windows look like mirrors. (If you have been there, it’s the ones to the right on the very back of the second floor before the old computer lab).
Back when this library was still being used as the main library (around 2002) my sister was looking for a book nearby the study rooms when she felt a chill. She says she got goosebumps all over and she could feel the hairs on the back of her head standing. She looked at the window and she could SEE her hair standing as if someone was pulling it upward. She didn’t super freak or anything, she says she just turned around and marched out of there.

Demon/Mothman/Nahual near SETB?

The Science Engineering and Technology Building is a fairly new building compared to many of the other buildings around campus (many built when it was still fort brown) but the neighborhood across from it and the abandoned cotton compress building (if you have been there it's that steel structure on the parking lot of the LHS Building) are very very old.
It was the first time I was ever in campus and I was driving by that area and I suddenly felt this overwhelming sadness and started to cry. It was very weird. I was crying so much I started to choke. I drove to my grandmas in Monroe street right across campus and calmed down.
months later my mom said one of her co-workers. Who happens to live in one of the houses that’s in the neighborhood across campus around that same area told her that she had been woken up by her dogs the past night. When she went out she noticed the dogs barking up one of her trees that drapes over the LHS Building parking lot. She took a hose to it because she thought it was an opossum she could scare off. When she prayed the top of the tree all she saw was two red eyes look down at her, then she heard a loud noise and saw the silhouette of a large human like creature with a wing span of about 5ft just fly away. The next day my mom was dropping me off at school. I spotted the exact location where I started feeling so bad that first time I went to campus...that was her co-workers house where she saw the creature.
I have told this story to many people. Some of my friends think it was a demon, others think it was Moth Man, others think it was a Nahual.

Many Troubles in Tandy

I think this is the one buildings where most people I’ve met had an experience. When I worked in Tandy we would often get to the office and find the mid-night cleaning crew there still cleaning up. They always claimed to have seen or heard something and said they would run out of the building in fear and opt for returning early morning to finish cleaning up.
I heard from one of the cleaning ladies that she was cleaning the hallway near the elevator and that suddenly she heard the elevator "ping" and the doors open on their own, then she heard footsteps of someone either entering or walking out of it, but there was no one there.
Another time another girl from the cleaning crew said she heard her name being spoken as she cleaned the office I worked in. She was there in the morning when we got there and we found her in tears because although it was daytime she was still very afraid.
It has also been reported that a teen with a black back pack has been seen sitting in the waiting area inside the admissions office. When anyone turns to ask him what he needs he is no longer there. I heard of this happening very often to a lot of people back when I used to work in that building (around 2004)

A long walk back home

A friend of mine recently told me this story. He says he was up late visiting a friend who lives in the dorms across from the resaca that’s located in front of the MRC-South building. He said he was just chatting with her for a long time when they decided to take a walk. They walked along the street that leads back into campus (this was before the bridge that cuts through the resaca was built) and he says he started feeling nervous and like someone was watching them. Since the neighborhood around campus is pretty dangerous they decided to walk back to the dorms.
He says that as they walked back he felt like he had to turn back, when he did he saw a lot of orbs of different colored light “dancing” above all the area they were walking away from. It was then that he started hearing as if there was a lot of people gathered there, but he could only see the lights. He got very scared and ran back to the dorms.

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