The Reacher

One nice evening, Mr.Samsone settled down to watch some of his old videos of his school play and his birth. But when he tried to turn his school play on, he noticed a man behind him. This wasn't just any normal an that you see every day. It was a man wearing only black and had no face whatsoever. But that wasn't what scared Mr. Samsone the most. He's seen this man, thinking it was teenagers wearing costumes. But this school play was thirty years ago. But this man was reaching for Mr. Samsone. At that moment he turned the television off and ran to his room he fell asleep, hoping not to have nightmares. He heard clack, clack, clack up his stairs. He thought this was his dream that the clacks made its way into. He heard his door open. In his dream, he thought, "WAKE UP." Something was close to him. "WAKE UP. WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP." The thing was above him now. Mr. Samsone was now waking up. The thing grabbed him and Mr. Samsone's mind went dark. He was found four years later.

The thing is The Reacher. He is still out there. Wake up....

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