Daisy's parents just got hired for a job and they had to move on January. So they got to Wasley Main Ave. and for 5 months they were the most happiest family you can ever think of. But,on June 18 it was Daisy's 7th birthday and her parents invited there family to their house to celebrate and to introduce their new house. So after the whole family came they all started eating dinner and Daisy was playing with her 2 cousins and all of a sudden one of the balloons started following Daisy (like if someone was holding the balloon and dragging it to her)Then her parents noticed the event and told Daisy to move because the balloon was somehow "attracted" to her. So after the party the family pushed the thought away and nothing happened for about a month. Then on July 13 it was around 2 in the morning and Daisy was on her bed sleeping. Then she wakes up to go to the bathroom and returns back to sleep, then about 5-10 min later she wakes up and sees a shadow beside her closet and obviously gets scared and she just trys to close her eyes, but she feels like she was being watched. Then she sees that the shadow is coming toward her and about 30 seconds later she feels a hand on her elbow and in a split second shes on the floor screaming and her parents came running and they saw the most horrific thing a parent can see on their child. Daisy was unconsious with her whole shoulder twisted. Then the mom immediately take her to the hospital(dad cant go because he would lose his job and if he doesnt go to work he could not pay insurance to the hospital)So the mom arrives at the hospital at 3 with her daughter and then they put a cast and then in an 1 hour or 2 they let her go home. So she puts her daughter in the car and they leave but

after about 20 min the car has no gas and there is no gasoline station near so then this car stops and theres this woman inside and the woman asks her "Do you need a ride" and mom says "yes,please" so mom puts Daisy at the backseat and then mom tells the woman that they live at Wasley Main Ave. And then the woman says "You know that house has alot of---" "you know i shouldnt talk about it" " no please tell me" says mom. Then the woman hesitates and finally says "well in the 1900s there was this man named Richard J. Leany and he was a child abuser and he killed many kids and hurt them for his pleasure, so he died on 1936 and people who lived before you say they have experienced paranormal activity." Oh says mom. Then finally they got home and mom thanked the woman and when she opened the door to her house she felt like she was being watched then she saw a shadow sitting on the couch watching tv and thought that it was her husband but her husband was still supposed to come in 2 hours so when the shadow turned around she noticed that it was a man wearing clothes from the 30s and 40s and right away she knew it was Richard J. Leany and she also knew she had to get out before her child would get worse than what she is now. So she quickly got her stuff and she could hear the man running toward her she closed the door and locked it and it took her about 2 min to get packed and she took her daughter and her stuff and got out by the window she ran and left and since that event the mom and Daisy havent been seen and the dad died because of a panic/heart attack of knowing that his family might be dead or that they might never be found and all that happened because of Richard J. Leany.

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