The Old lady

by Tanya Weston
(Lewisville, MN U.S.A)

My name is Tanya Weston. It was about 10 years ago when my family moved into this really old house with my moms best friend Jessa and her kids. Jessa was happy because it had a nice dinning room table left in it. It all started when Jessa's daughter went down stairs to the basement to take a shower. All of sudden we hear Stormy scream "Bogeyman" (Boogeyman in Spanish). We all ran down stairs to see what was going on and then she told us "that the bogeyman was in the shower" and nobody was there. A week went by and Jessa called stormy and I into the house after we ran in Stormy stops fast and I asked her "What are you looking at, Stormy" and she replied "the bogeyman is sitting on the couch between my mom and Jessa". Another week goes by and one morning Jessa told my mom that she felt something touched her leg in the middle of the night and she looked around and no one was there. Another two weeks go by and then Jessa asked Stormy if she has seen the Bogeyman lately. Stormy said she hasn't and then Jessa and my mom went and asked our neighbors if anyone lived in the house before we did and the old lady said "Yes, there was an old lady that lived there but she had a Hart attack and died at the table and no one has lived there ever sense then until now."

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