The murdered girl

by Angela Romero
(Michigan )



When I was 7 years old we moved to a new house we just lasted their for 2 weeks

I remembered that I was looking in my room and then I saw a big splash
Of blood in the closet wall so I went to tell my mom and she said that I might
be making it up she just said maybe is just red juice but I told my mom
That it smells like somebody died she still did not believed me so I went
Out side and I saw a big bump in my backyard and people was making
Rumors that I am living where a killer berried a 6 year old girl and I told my dad
I can tell my dad everything because he believes in ghosts and he was digging
And then it was a big box full of bones my dad said maybe its for a dog he said
Don't worry about it so I went to my room it was dark and it was time to go to bed
I went to bed but I heard a noise like a little girl voice and then she just came running to me
And her eyes was all black and then she scratched me on my back and
I screamed and my mom heard me she said was is going on and then she
Saw the little girl and she said let's get out of here but we was stuck for 2 weeks my mom was
Was searching the little girl's name Olivia Rome it said Olivia Rome was raped and brutally
Murder by her step father she was dead for 17 years right know I am
17 years old .

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