The Mirror

by Shakira
(Puetro Rico )

Well this may be strange, but, this story that I'm about to tell you is absolutely real. One day me and my friends decided to, well, get a Ouija board, I thought "no we shouldn't that's crazy" I said, then my friend said "well we need to do this we can't just be scared all the time" so we decided to get one. One night we turnt off all the lights and sat on the floor. Then we had to say a prayer, but then what we did we started to ask questions. The when we did a person said something in my ear, one question my friend said why are you here, then it said I-K-i-l-l-e-d-H-e-r I looked around and I moved my hand and lefted and so did my friends. The the next day the mirror was all bloody and didn't know what it was for. Then what happened next was scary 😓 my friend was bleeding from her head and from her hands and everything. And so then she had to go to the hospital and when she did, my other friend had to do the same and then my boyfriend and I was scared I never thought in a million years that this would happen. My house was shaking one day and then Ouija board spelt out J-U-S-T-D-I-E and I ran and this still happens until today when we decided to say goodbye to this sprit and we left and we were glad and moved on, but I'm still scared everyday I take a shower. I tell my boyfriend to take one with me. And that's my story thanks, but I don't care if its not scary it is to me.

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