The Lundey House, Baker, Florida

by R.J Rushing

My house is in Baker and I am interested with the paranormal world. There's this old house out in my yard that my grandparents lived in. The Lundey family lived in it first though. There is only one Lundey left in the family. We hope to find her and talk to her.

I wanted to look at it more close so I went to it and I did some call and response (try to communicate with a ghost) and I recieved answers for every question. I feel the ghosts are calling for help, because they feel they are forgotten and nothing to humans anymore. So I really think the house is haunted.

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Oct 22, 2012
we would love to visit the house as well NEW
by: Anonymous

i'm very interested in seeing paranormal activity I have a nice camera that picks up a wide range of light spectrum and would like to check out what i can get on film In washington state i was able to pick up many orbs some that distinctively looked like angles please call 850-428-1764 thank you!

Jun 21, 2012
wanna see something NEW
by: cody

My name is Cody I live in Baker me and my friends have been going to cobb cemetery and coin hill trying to catch something paranormal and haven't yet. We really want to is there any way we could come out there. My number is 8503987286

Aug 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

my friend and i are really interested in coming out and taking a look at this house. is there any way that we can do this? can you call me at 850 603 0114 nikkiey.

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