The Little Girl In Our Room

by Amy
(Rialto, California)

No one has to believe me as they are reading this, though I hope someone will.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with ghosts & the paranormal, but I never was entirely sure I fully believed they were real.

That was before my best friend & me had some experiences of our own. I have lived in my house for most of my life & when we moved in 18 years ago it was brand new & nobody has ever died in the house either.

It wasn't until my best friend Karrie moved in two years ago that things started to point to a ghost being in our room. I hadn't learned about all the activity until it had been about a year that Karrie was living with me, all the activity has mainly happened with her being involved.

She has told me that every night she would go to sleep, all covered & bundled up in her blankets, & in the morning all her blankets would always be halfway or completely off of her. Mind you, Karrie does tend to toss & turn at times, but sometimes she can actually feel her covers coming off of her, as if they a being pulled off by someone.

She has also felt a breeze or as if a person was breathing on her feet when no windows or doors were opened & the fan & air conditioner were both off. She would feel this while laying in her bed trying to sleep at night when I & everyone else would be asleep, or I would be laying in my bed as well watching tv, all the way on the other side of the room.

Karrie has always got the feeling that there was a little girl in our room & that was proven true one night this June. It was about eleven, maybe twelve, Karrie & I had our friend Jarred over & he brought his tape recorder with him to see if
we could get any E.V.P.s.

Sometime went by, Jarred was asking questions to any unseen guests as the tape recorder recorded. Without listening to the first recording we all three decided we wanted to play with glow sticks. Karrie's & mine special way. I got the glow sticks out "Hey Jarred, you should record this." I said. Well if the ghost is a little girl she will probably be more active when someone is playing with her.

So Jarred turned on the tape recorder & we turned off the lights. We cut the glow sticks & flung them on the walls, it looks so cool. After about five minutes we ran out of glows sticks & decided to listen to the recordings. The first recording didn't seem to have anything on it, but right when I heard what was on the recording when we were playing with the glow sticks I immediately got chills all over.

A little bit more than a minute in to the recording you can here the three of us talking & laughing, but then it gets quiet & very clearly you can hear a little girl whisper "Gotta catch the light." None of us could believe it! We all were happy & excited that what we thought actually turned out to be true, & we have proof! All three of us were also a little freaked out as well & left the house to go somewhere & hang out.

The only other person in the house that night other than Karrie, Jarred, & myself was my mom who was sleeping in her bedroom, downstairs.

I don't know how a little girl ghost is in our house, the only thing I can think of is maybe the land has a history of deaths from long ago & the ghost is just attracted to Karrie for some reason. Either way as long as she is a nice little ghost she is completely welcome in our house. Thanks for reading, love to hear your feedback :)

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Aug 06, 2011
by: Andi

you said no one died in that house, right? well maybe the ghost was attracted to your friend

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