the Little girl in black

by Katelyn
(Missoula, Montana,USA)

I have always known that my house has been haunted but never this bad the first night it happened i was sleeping and i heard a demonic breath in my ear so i suddenly jumped up and thought that it was my little brother playing a trick on me because he likes to scare me. but it wasnt. i looked around everywhere and saw nothing execpect for one of my pictures of me and my mom was ripped in half the only part that remained was the part of my mom. i have to admit that freaked me out but i decided i will ask my parents and brother in the morning if they ripped it. the next morning i had asked my parents if they ripped my picture they said no and my brother also said no. but i didnt jump to conculusions just yet.

That night as i was just about to go to sleep i heard a really loud bang coming from the kitchen, my parents also heard it and came out thinking that it was me, but they saw me come out of my room and realized it wasnt me. and checked my brothers room but he was sleeping and didnt wake up from the sound. we all checked the kitchen and found that all the pots and pans had been dragged out of the cabinets and the fridge was open. we put the pots and pans away and shut the fridge, my parents dont believe in ghosts but i think they started to since living in that house.

That morning we talked about it and deicded that we should just leave it alone and see if it would happen again, and it did later that night. i was sleeping in my brothers room to make sure he wasnt freaked out about all this, as we fell asleep a loud scream woke me and my brother up. i got up and looked in his closet, as i was doing that my brother told me to turn around and i did we both saw what looked like a little girl in a black dress, but she didnt look like a regular girl, she had pointy teeth and her eyes were black and her face was distoreded. i saw the picture of me and my mom in her hand i saw that it was the half that was me. i asked if i could have it back and the little girl stared at me and then ran out of the room, my brother was crying and we went up to my parents room and told them what happened, they said it was probably a dream, and told us to sleep in their room with them.

After that expericence my parents saw how freaked out we were and decided that it was best if we sold the house, and about 5 months the house sold and we moved into a new house that wasnt haunted. We still live here today.

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