The Last Goodbye

by KAT Thompson
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

When my mom died in 2001, I was the one that had to make all the funeral arrangements. The funeral home said I needed to bring something for her to wear in the casket for the viewing.

From her closet, I picked something I thought she'd be proud to be seen in at the viewing. A flowing sky blue chiffon-like dress that reached mid calf.

When I got to the funeral home, and handed the dress and matching shoes to the director, he gave me the shoes back, saying they weren't needed. Of course, the open casket only shows the upper body.

I made the viewing something that would have made mom happy. I had her favorite music playing in the background, and a table set with all her favorite things like family photos, tea sets, etc.

After several hours, it was getting time for the viewing to come to an end. Most everyone was gone. I sat down next to my dad and held his hand. I was seated facing the door that entered the parlor.

Suddenly, I saw the bottom of a blue dress, exactly like the one mom was wearing, drag around the corner of the door exiting the room, and a glimpse of a bare foot!

I immediately bolted for the door, honestly expecting to see her, but the lobby was empty.

I know in my heart that mom had stopped by for a last goodbye.

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