The Landsdown Strand Hotel, Calne , Wiltshire

The Landsdown Strand Hotel ( A ghostly history ).

In late July 1996,the mangment of the Landsdown Strand Hotel called in (Kate Fenn )a local psychic with an international reputation,to look in some detail at the psychic history of the hotel, these are her findings......
The Land..
The land that the hotel now occupies was origanally open land with just a few dwellings scattered around.Although the hotel now stands in the centre of the town,it does not appear to be the centre point of the town.The river obviously divided the strand and a stone bridge was built across this.Kate could hear a water wheel very close to the courtyard.This wheel seemed to be connected in someway with the origonal building,although not part of it. Kate felt that the hotel was origonally built as a coaching inn around the year 1560 and had some royal financing. The building was origonally much smaller and there seamed to be some kind of track at this time which connected the Strand to the nearby White Hart Public house.Kate felt a feeling of gathering here,with a sense of torture being carried out around the strand area,the public house,The Kings Arms, did not exist at this time,although there did exist another hostelry around that area.The brewery connected with the strand is origonal and is proberbly older than the strand itself possibly being connected with a large private dwelling.Kate sensed asymbol 96 associated with the gateway area,and also sensed two guards in full armour around this area. In the courtyard area,Kate sense an intense feeling of animal slaughter,pain ,and sadness and of a child being whipped and locked in a room ,that is now the Generator the end of the courtyard Kate could feel a man associated with a small celler and brewery, he was allways wearing pointed shoes, a floppy hat,a cape, breeches and some other like items,Kate sensed a busy feeling around the whole courtyard,Kate sensed a blacksmith,horses, carts, stables, and animals of all types, Kate also sensed a large lady in a white cap,named as, Sarah Ducket,she lived at the hotel in the early days, she was seen at a window of the hotel shouting,
Kate felt that there were and stillare ,tunnels below the main buildings, these were used to hide and escape and linked the brewery to the strand.
Kate felt that there was water at some time in the court yard ,although this water was not part of the nearby river.the water had an
underground source and ran through the courtyard .(I personally have seen this small stream and it is still there to this day ).. (2011).
Kate felt that the stairs had an earie feeling,afeeling of being associated with a young lady in full skirts,with long hair set in ringlete,the stairs also had a feeling of tragedy.
There is much more to this statement but it would take to long to print it all, so here is what i found out,,,,,
On walking into the Strand Hotel and asking for a job ( to which i got ) as a handman, i was told that the hotel had a ghost , but not believing this i set to work checking the rooms, right at the top of the hotel there was one room that no one would enter as strange things happened, not just at night but in the daytime also,i didn`t think any thing of this , as i didn`t believe in ghosts (at the time ), on entering the room 242 as i beleive it was then ,i found that the television and the lights had been left on so i switched them off, left the room and locked it, went down stairs to tell the managment that the television and the lights had been left on possibly by the previous tenent, the hotel manager told me that the room had not been rented for over a week, so i thought nothing more and went back upstairs to check the other rooms on getting to the top of the stairs i could hear talking and music comming from room 242, so i went to check and found that the door was still locked as i had left it , on entering the room i found that the television and the lights were back on ,on looking around the room i noticed an indentation in the guilt on the bed which was not there before, so i straightened it turned of the television and lights again and locked the door again went down stairs again and tild the mangment , he stated to me that this happens all the time that is why the cleaners will not go upstairs to cleen any of the rooms unless there is two or more of them .
I have witnessed this personally , i beleive something or someone is still in that room,later on i found out that the hotel is older than first thought it was built in 1276.....

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Dec 16, 2022
The Dwarf NEW
by: Anonymous

When I was a little girl, back in the early sixties my best friends parents ran the Lansdowne, Mr and Mrs Burgess, and they lived in a flat on the premises, the legend was that a circus came to Calne in the 19th century and they stayed in the hotel along with all the animals, its got a square courtyard with stables and rooms for staff, well it did in the sixties anyway, there was a terrible fight among the circus folk and a Dwarf was killed, maids and room service reported seeing him running along the corridors at night and no one would go into the corridors alone because of it, I know there were others but that was the one I remember the most as Mrs Burgess was afraid of it.
The Medium says there was animal slaughter there, well there was a massive bacon factory just across the road back in the sixties, if the pigs had to be kept overnight the waste from the hotel kitchens would be sent over to feed them, maybe thats what she was picking up.

Nov 23, 2016
The strangest thing... NEW
by: Anonymous

My other half was working in the area on 21-22/11/2016 and he stayed in this hotel with 4 colleagues. On arriving at the hotel he felt that the receptionist was being funny towards him, as if he didn't like him. Not thinking much of it the receptionist gave them their room keys (they had a room each) and they went to their rooms. All of them, expect my partner had rooms on the newest side of the building however he had a room at the very top of the hotel that had bars on the window and felt a million miles away from everyone else. He thought this was a bit strange and the room felt eerie but thought it was the fact that he was on his own far away from everyone else. At about 7-8pm he was relaxing in his room and the wardrobe door opened on it own. He investigated it, shut it and stomped around testing to see if it happened maybe by a loose floorboard. Nothing happened. He tried to forget about it but then the bathroom door shut on its own. There were no windows open or any draft coming in the room so it's unexplainable. It was only until he told me all of this that I looked online and saw this post. Upon reading it to myself I asked him what his room number was and he said it was 242. I have never heard anything so freaky yet hysterical in my life. Warning to anyone staying at this hotel, if they put you in room 242, just leave!

Sep 04, 2016
Strand hotel is haunted NEW
by: Anonymous

I booked a weekend supprise for the other had at the strand hotel it was a lovely hotel but on one night we was just chilling out in bed watching TV when I could here a piano playing from the Roome next door or above our Roome not to sure anyway we thought it was a bit strange to here this from one of the rooms later that night I thought I heard something so I opened the and there was someone in the corridor just outside my door all in black it startled me at first so I just shit the door but had to have a look again and there was no one there the second time so I really think it was a ghost cause I do believe in them

Nov 30, 2015
Ghost NEW
by: Anonymous

I saw them too,
I could feel immediately after I went in the hotel.
There were a lot of them everywhere, especially in the ladies toilets on the ground floor. I'm very sensitive to ghotst. I have encountered in my country. But Strand hotel was the most haunted place ever in my entire life.

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