by Connie Maddox
(Opelika Al. U.S.A.)

Hi guys got a place I would like to tell u about.My name is Connie and I have a paranormal team along with my husband Bobby.One of our investigators Brenda that found this place just driving around. What we found is the house was built in the 1820s and the house use to be a bed and breakfast tavern. It is next to railroad tracks so people would stop here and if they stayed, alot of people would stay here. It is a large house with a big basement and a huge attic. Ceiling height in the house is 12 feet and the attic has 12 to 14 foot head room. WONDERFUL!!! I love large houses, a lot more room to find and see things.Brenda came and got me to show me the house and at that time there wasn't any no trespassing signs sooooooo we went in, dont have to ask me twice.As soon as I walked to the house I started feeling them right away.I am subject to feel and see some things in my minds eye and have real strong feelings if they are demonic.Walked in and from the time we walked n they were all around us. This house has been unoccupied for some time we found out from the owner who lives behind the house.No one would stay in it for more than a couple of months at a time at least the last 3 families.The carpenters would not stay.They said their tools and ladders would be moved or taken and show up later .Brenda and I heard several things being moved and since we had no recorders or anything right there with us we had to go by our own ears.I felt something that was not a happy camper while we were there.About that time I had something right close to my ear say "get out". We went and got some recorders. Brenda and myself were standing in one of the rooms in the back of the house and some small rocks came flying through.Brenda looked at me and I looked at Brenda with that cool chill up my back.As we were leaving AGAIN I heard that same "get out".The thing that was too cool was we picked it up very clear on the recorder "get out" a mans voice.About that time Brenda turned white as a sheet grabbbed my arm and kept saying "we got to get out of here".I was saying over and over again "what what"We got to the outside and I had never seen Brenda like that before.She said right behind you was a old man in overalls and a small woman next to him with a high collar on and her hair up in a a bun.She said I saw them and heard them say Get out with crossed arms.Was great but a little scary but too cool. We have been back many times with alot of the same actions taking place.

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