the house on smith street!

by Cain gambrell

One night I was in a house on smith street.We had lived there for a long time.

But these few nights have been kinda crazy!The first night was weird.
What happened that first night was I heard water turn on by its self.
Then i just thought it was nothing. But then I was watching tv and I heard something fall,then I went to check it out and I did not see nothing there.
I was scared just a little bit at first.all this happened very often!

Then the next day it got a little bit worse.I was even more scared!
Then I was laying on the floor about to go to sleep with my sisters they were asleep but I was not asleep yet. Then I saw a figure go down the hall. So I went to my dads room t sleep and in the dinning room I saw a blond headed man and he was dressed in all black.I ran into my dads room as fast as I could!I was scared.

Then shortly we moved to my house we live in today.We did not move cause the ghost we just moved really I don,t really know why.
Well that was my true story about the house on smith street.

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