The house I will never enter ever again.

by Jessica Kurr
(Borden, Indiana)

I lived in a house from the age of 12 until I was 18 years old. I am now 24. My bedroom was the room in the basement. At the time it had lime green walls. I had several paranormal experiences in that house and basement. One time I was sleeping on the floor in the living room in the basement with my family and I had a force jump on top of me and hold me down and I couldn't move. I have also been woken up to an awful sound (like a train and a hissing cat/low growl) in my face. I have also felt breathing on my face at night...and have seen black objects move real fast across the room. My family members have felt uneasy in that house and felt like someone was watching them constantly. My mom used to have a daycare and one of the daycare children woke up screaming her head off saying she was "E.T." in the basement. She wouldn't go back down there ever again. Ever since we moved out of that house, we have had peace. The previous lady that lived there before us just randomly up and left with no warning apparently. And I have heard from my old neighbors that it took several years for the house to even be sold or rented out. I still have nightmares about that house and won't drive past it.

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