by dave &marlene sanchez
(182 randall aly san bernardino ca 92410)

nov,2011 in the attic

nov,2011 in the attic

well you know that it's going to be 1 year that we lived here and things have calmed down just a little .we found out alot information about this house .we found out that this property uesed to belong to the indians at one time .they i belive they told me also a man shot himself here ,my boyfriend said he would see the face of that guy ,me i would never see him and didn't want to see him .but the other day we were putting up christmas decorations on top of the house and so we decided to look at the attic of the house and guess what i got to see a man head and guess who it is the man that i did not want to see .now when y see this picture you will see that on one side of his face is not there.hope you will enjoy this picture .thank you

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