the haunted traler

by riley
(twin lakes minnesota)

i personly dont belive in gost but even befor i was born something was going on my mom rented a trialer and my aunt had been staying with my mom for the night so it was around seven pm so there was no problame opening the back door but the front was always hard to open so my aunt went to close the front door outside cuz u would have to lift it from the outside so aws my aunt was walking around to get to the backdoor she herd foot seps behind her and it was a big black shadow so she cept on running and for some reason the back door wouldnt openand it wasint locked so she ran to the front door slamed it an it closed just fine so my mom and aunt were talking about it and my aunt said a big black ugly was folowing her right when she said that a raido though at them and she said fine we wont talk about u any more and whwt ever it was left them alone.the end

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