The haunted piano

by Michelle
(Fennville, Mi)

When I was young I took interest in learning the piano and my uncle whom was a local piano tuner, went on the hunt to help my mom find one for me. He had a client whom had recently past away and the family was selling her estate which included a beautiful upright piano that my parents ended up purchasing for me. The first night that we brought it home I was playing with my barbie dolls and had the bench out playing underneath it and didn't put it back when I was done. My dad worked second shift and was a work and my mom had just fell asleep when she was woke up by being physically choked by an elderly woman telling her to go and put her piano back the way it needs to be. When my mom called my uncle to come and get this piano out of our house and why, he asked her what did this woman look like and my mom described the owner to him, exactly! Needless to say it only stayed one night and the family of the deceased decided that the will keep it in their family. Ever since this has happened and I remember it like yesterday, I am positive there is ghost!!

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