The Haunted House -- Heber City

by Justin
(Heber City, Utah)

A house on Center Street in Heber City has been abandoned for a long time. There once was a farmer living there, who grew alfalfa on his property. In 2005, an ivory homes community was build on the alfalfa field, and the house was abandoned. There are a bunch of rusty cars in the backyard, most of them torn to pieces. An old barn also used to be there, but was also torn down. The house has "No Trespassing" signs all over the front of it, but there is an entrance from the back covered in rusty, bloody barbed wire. A small creek runs to the side of it, providing water for the alfalfa. There are also large, rusted barrels of toxic Methylene Chloride. People have gone into the house, and said that there is blood on the ceiling and floor, and that all of the furniture is turned upside-down. A few years ago, a camping trailer was placed on the property, and you can see the pop-out on the trailer open and close nightly. No one has dared to go near the house after the camping trailer appeared.

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Oct 27, 2017
every day NEW
by: gunner

OMG i used to go by that house every day for three years when i go to school. And i never knew that that house was like that.

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