Every hostel has its own story, this story is of my hostel. When i went to the hostel a room on the 3rd floor was allotted to me. I was happy because that floor was cleaner than the other and comparatively has less girls. I never believed in ghosts, but girls told me stories about that floor, still i thought it was a rumour, about this painter dying on the 3rd floor.
And then it started, two girls saw a black cat in the midnight and they shouted like hell, everyone was way too scared. Then next day lights were out at sharp 3 am. and it happened for next 3 days. Even the street dogs barks and howl after 1 am daily. When i stay awake late nights i could hear strange sounds. I was confused what is happening.
Then one dark night a girl started to cry loudly,she was so loud that almost every girl of the 3rd floor came out of their rooms. Her name was Anjali, she was alone in her room, her door was not locked form inside so girls went in and at that point of time what i saw was not something i can explain in words. She was looking very dark with the stands of hairs on her face, she has these dark eyes which was changing into red color. then she looked at us she was laughing continuously and loudly. Everyone was so scared that they ran off. some people stayed,even i stay and we were deciding what to do with her. Me and my one friend we went near her hold her both hand,she was crushing our hands so hard that we get scratch.Then my friend asks her who is she and what she wants, anjali looked at her for a moment and remain quite then she made a weird face at my friend and started to laugh again. We started to say Hanuman Chalisha in her ears(we had learned this from movies) and someone brings a picture of Hanuman G and kept in her hand. After watching HanumanG for a while she became silent and she faints.
The spirit went away that day but i don't think they left the 3rd floor of the hostel, because still on random days lights went out at 3 am and weird sounds can be heard. The 3rd floor is still haunted.


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Jun 12, 2017
Nice story NEW
by: Anonymous

It is a scary story. I liked it. PLEASE also visit my blog.
Please comment.

Dec 24, 2016
scary NEW
by: Milind

It was acary till the point Hanuman chalisa, I felt relief when you mentioned Hanuman g or else I could not have slept tonight

Nov 26, 2016
This sounds evil NEW
by: ~JC

I'd stay out of that hostel!

Nov 23, 2016
sonam gupta NEW
by: Akshay singh

Anjali nahi us ladki ka nam sonam gupta hona chaiye tha 😉😉😉

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