The Hard Rock Cafe - Key West

I had been here before I had my ghostly experience here. The first time I was ever at the Hard Rock, was when I went with my school on a day trip to Key West. We stopped at the Hard Rock for dinner. At first, nothing seemed off. I didn't know any of the previous history. At one point in the evening, we noticed that all the boys would not use the restroom. Finally, someone brought up that one of the past owners, before it became the Hard Rock Cafe, had hung himself in what was now, the Men's Restroom. (This is now debated on where the man actually hung himself now. The floor plan has been remodeled since that time.) All of the boys were to afraid to go in. And being middle schoolers we thought nothing more of it then the girls joking that we could use the restroom and be fine. Nothing, that I'm aware of, happened that day. Other then all the girls picking on the guys for being too chicken to use the restroom.

A few years later, and several years of watching ghost stories on the Travel Channel and etc. I went back with my family and a friend to eat dinner there, while we were visiting the Keys. Teasingly, when we walked in I asked the waiter, "So, have you seen the ghost?". He laughed and said, "No, but some of the other staff have." That satisfied my interest. We were seated right away. The waiter had left and we were left to look at our menus and decide on what to drink and eat. As all four of us (my mother, my step-father, my best friend, and myself) were reading the menu, my friend took off her glasses so she could read her menu better. She put them right in-between us. I even looked down as she took them off, no ones elbows were on the table. The next thing I know the pair of glasses flew (yes, flew) off the table and onto the floor next to me. I watched them from my peripheral vision, my mom however, saw it head on. My friend picked her glasses off up the floor and we all kind of laughed and said "Okay, we get it, your here watching us." The waiter came back and asked us for what we'd like to order. I ordered potato skins, as well as my mom. My best friend ordered Mozzarella Sticks. And to be honest, I can't remember why my dad eat. So, they bring out our food and I bite into my potato skins and this long piece of hair that is NOT mine comes out of it. So, we send it back and of
course get huge apologies. They brought out a new dish (you could tell it had not been re-heated) and of course took my order off our bill. The waiter left and i bit into my food again, only for it to happen again! This time when the waiter came back he was almost upset, he waved our entire bill for the inconvenience. He asked me, "Would you like to try for potato skins again or something else or nothing?" "I think I'll just have some Mozzarella Sticks this time.", I replied. It was then that my mom excused herself from the table to use the restroom. While she left my Mozzarella Sticks came out and were fine. Not one thing wrong with them and no hair whatsoever. I had actually finished by the time my mom got back from the restroom and we just waited on her then left. Once inside the truck on the way home she told us why it had taken her so long. She said she had walked in and both stalls were locked. She knocked on both and no one answered but she tried to open the doors and they wouldn't open, so she waited. Meanwhile, another women came into the restroom and asked "Are you waiting?". My mom explained that someone was in the stalls and she had tried to open them so she was waiting. After a while of waiting the other woman was getting impatient. She went over and knocked on the same doors and when no one replied she attempted to open the door and it opened without a problem. The woman and my mom exchanged weird looks and all of the sudden a Huge rush of cold air came out of no where. I later asked my mom if there was an air vent nearby ( it was a summer day and they did have the ac pretty low to keep it cool). She told me she hadn't seen one but she wasn't sticking around to look because the feeling she got when she felt that cold scared her so bad (now let me tell you, my mom was not afraid of anything in her life. she told me on several occasions that hell itself did not scare her anymore because life on earth was indeed hell to her {she had alot of back problems and was in constant pain because of it}. she was not someone to scare easily.) She then told me that she wasn't sticking around to find an air vent after all that had just happened. She was genuinely spooked. I never saw her like that ever again nor ever before.
Now, whenever someone brings up the Hard Rock we always have a story to tell them.

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