the goast story of josh isom

by Joshua m Isom
(Curlew Wa 99118 3 campus st)

my experences with the supernatural started when i was a little boy living in spanaway wa. if i was home alone and watching tv i would often see a big black mass go by the living room window. as a little kid i thought that some one would be knocking on the door soon and so i would open the door. when i opened the door there would be nothing. at the same time at night if i went out side then i would get the feeling that some one or some thing was watching me and that would leave me with goos bumbs and chills runing through my body. that went on for years untill i moved to puyallup. when i moved to puyallup, one night i awoke to something in my room watching me sleep. i couldnt see a face but i could make out that it was wearing a suit and tie. one night on a saturday night i sate in my room with one light on and i recorded my questions and one question was what is your name and i got back george. on another night i had my best friend stay the night and we both got cold around 11 pm. my friend had placed his hand on my t shirt that i had pined to my wall and it was ice cold. at first i didnt believe him untill i placed my hand on it. him and i got the feeling that it was acting as a door way and i removed it form my wall. one night three weeks after i graduated from high school, i woke up in the early day light hours to a terible pain in my left leg. i didn't think about again till the next morning when i see this scratch down my leg. two days later i was taking a nap and i woke up to find dryed blood in the middle of my chest. at first i was unsure as to what was happening to me, then i was talking with my girl friends mom and she had told that thees things were happening to me because it was my destiny.

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