The Girl's Locker Room

by Samatha

This is a true story.

When I was in the 4th grade girls like me were deemed weird or crazy. It was December 14th four months after school started my friends and I had gym class after lunch. So we would go straight to the locker room. My friends Casey, Trisha and Rebecca they are all sisters were in the outcast crowd so we would wait to use the locker room.

Crazy enough, they weren’t there that day. So I wait by myself. After the girls came out I went in and started changing. I then heard a loud thump like someone had bumped into something. So I went toward the stalls. I looked under to see if someone was in there but every stall I looked under there was nothing. So I finished getting dressed and went to the mirror and put my hair in a ponytail. Then I heard water running and I looked and saw the shower running. One after another came on and I started freaking out. So I ran out of the locker room and waited outside of the door. I opened the door and looked inside and all the showers at once cut off.

I told myself to forget about it because people already thought I was crazy enough. So I went into the gym and didn’t think about it again. Until, a week after it happened when my friends and I all went in. I told them what happened and they thought I lost my mind.

“Butterfly (my nickname) you’re crazy you know that didn’t happen,” Casey said.
“Why would I lie about something like that? People think were weird and crazy enough. But it really happened to me,” I told

They looked at me and we dropped it not wanting to bring it up.

So now it is January and back from break and I sort of forgot all about what happen to me in the locker room. I started coming to school earlier than normal and I would sit outside the locker room and hope that I would hear something again. So finally I had the courage to go in there and in the mirror I saw a girl. I stared into the mirror hoping that I was dreaming but then I knew that I wasn’t dreaming I was seeing this and I didn’t want to. She looked right at me and screamed. Not like a regular scream. A scream that can only be described as deadly, terror and any word you can describe. I didn’t know what to do so I stood there and did not move or scream.

I was too shocked to say anything or to get someone’s attention. She then got quiet and I asked “What do you want?” She didn’t answer me but she did look at the showers and I saw a boy not same age as her but a high school boy and I’m thinking why there is high school boy here. He then disappears and I look at the mirror and the girl is gone. After that I no longer heard or seen anything.
But to this day being 15 years old I still think about it and I don’t want to believe it because question is am I crazy. I still see ghost now and some of them are evil but I pay them no mind because even if they hurt me emotionally or mentally I am fine.

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