The Girl

by aj rain
(pos trinidad and tobago)

I live on a small island in the caribbean called Trinidad. The town i grew up in is very rural,so people had alot of supersticious beliefs. However my story is a series of little things that ive heard and some that i have actually experienced.My mother told me that one nignt i must have been about three years old, she and my dad were up late one night talking while my little brother and i were asleep in the bedroom, suddenly she said she herd a little girl giggle and saw me peep out the bedroom door and run back."She told my dad oh shocks we woke anna she will wake up the baby".
when she got to the bedroom i was sleeping soundly. My mother told me that arround that age i was always talking and playing with someone, she said i told her it was a little girl. Another time when i was ill in bed my mother came in and saw me talking and laughing with someone but no one was in the room. When she asked who i was speaking to i said the little girl over there as i pointed to an empty corner.
I can honestly say though that i do not recall any of these instances but then i was very young at that time.
Now i am going to tell you of some things that i do remember and you can decide for yourself if i have been haunted by some being as a child. All though my teenage years there were nights that i was afraid to sleep in my room somethimes i would be asleep and feel thew matress press down as if someone were in bed laying next to me and when i got up no one would be there. Ive noticed that at those times the room whould be freesing cold, one time when i was about 15 i saw a shadow that looked like a person in one corner of the room, i got really scared so i coverd my head with my blanket and told my self that is was just the shadow of the chair or something. Then i felt the bed press down by my feet as if someone were sitting on the bed. i got up and ran straight for the light switch and when the lights came on no one was there. Another time at 12 i was home alone one night all the windows in the house were still open so i began shutting them close i started with the kitchen windows then the dinning room them i when to the bedrooms after checking the last room i came back out and noticed that all the windows in booth the kitchen and the living room were open.

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