The Ghost who would not leave "his" place of employment

by Alexandra
(Harford Co.,Md.. USA)

When I was in my early 20's, I used to go to this small town in Maryland. I really liked this town and hoped to live there one day. There were only 2 movie theaters in the county. One of the theaters was owned by a man who later died...but stayed in the building where he worked... after his death.

Now fast forward 30 years. I moved to this town that I loved. The movie theater was still standing, but had been remodeled as an office building. I started a new job in this building, not realizing that it was the "old Movie House". This office had seven office workers from 8am to 7pm, and a cleaning lady from 8pm to 9pm.

It was an all female staff.

On my first day there, I kept thinking that I saw a man's leg in the doorway of my office. And then another time I thought I saw a man's head peaking in my office. This kept happening all day. I asked my new boss if I was joining an all female staff. She assured me I was.

On the second day of my new job, I came in. My boss was the first one to arrive and I was the second. She then questioned me, asking if I had come in earlier that morning, using the bathroom, and then leaving again. I assured her that I had not.
The bathroom had been trashed with all of the toilet paper being unwound and thrown all over the bathroom.

That day I continued to see a man's leg and head in my doorway, out of the corner of my eye.

I questioned the other ladies, asking if men ever came in the office area.
They gave each other a look, and shook their heads.

Then after a week I saw a man in the hallway. We had the doors locked for lunch, and we all usually ate together. I followed him asking what he was doing in our hall because we were locked up for lunch. He did not reply, but began walking first steadily, with me right behind him, then quickly. I was right on his trail telling him that he had to leave. I followed
right behind him, right into the
bathroom. He then walked right thru the wall.

I ran back into the conference room and told the other staff what had just happened. They laughed and told me the story of "Henry" the projector man from the movie theater.

Then one night I worked alone, waiting for the cleaning lady. When she came, we stood in the hallway and were talking. Then the bell started to ring from the waiting room. I thought we had locked someone in. When we got to the waiting room, the door bell stopped and no one was there.

As the years passed I saw Henry all the time. He was always around. He would take people's staplers or scotch tape and hide it, and then after we went on a search, it would appear right where it belonged. I would see him in empty offices looking on the desk or spinning the office chair around. If I stayed late, he would start knocking on the walls. I got used to Henry. When the knocking started, that meant he wanted me to go home. I would talk to him and tell him how much longer I would be in the building, and then he would stop.

I would work alone on Sundays. Henry did not like that. I would explain to him that I would be in the building for a few hours, and if I did not leave as promised, the banging on the walls would begin.

Our cleaning lady was reassigned. After that we could not keep any cleaning lady for more than a few days.. They always brought someone with them after their first night , but would always quit because the building was "creepy". We finally got the old cleaning lady back.

After 5 years, we were moving our business to another building a few blocks away. I told Henry that we were moving, and where we were moving to, and I asked him to move with us. I would miss him. But he did not move...he stayed.

I noticed that the building continues to have tenants and businesses that would stay for a year, and then move to another building in town.

I guess Henry did not like them.

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