The ghost of the barn

by Jordan Tree
(Agyle, Wisconsin, USA)

When we were at an old barn, we were playing kickball.

a couple hours later, our ball went into the barn. I was the one chosen to go in and get the ball. When I opened the door a bat came out. I was looking for the ball inside the barn. I was looking at bloody knives I supposed to be cow knives, the ones you use to kill cows, and I went on. After noticing there was nothing in the barn i was about to leave. Then I noticed a ladder. I went up the ladder to see what was up there. I saw the ball by this weird tractor toy. When I went to pivk up the ball, I saw the toy was gone. I picked up the ball and then heard crying. I followed the crying to see a little girl in a corner. I went to see what she was doing then she disappeared. I ran as fast as I could out of that place. When I finally got out of the barn my freinds said "What took you so long?"

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Make it scary. Seriously, make me want to sleep with the light on tonight

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