The Ghost in my new House

by Veronica
(Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

I was in need of a new house/apartment a couple years back, so I drove down a street and found a beautiful house. The price was reasonable and I loved the house, so I bought it without knowing anything about the residence.

I fixed it up, it was a house from the 1900's and was the oldest house in the neighborhood. It had a nice cozy living room, a wraparound couch that the owners had left for me, a fireplace, and a baby's room, in which they had accidentally left an old crib.
My roommate Izzy and I decided to keep the crib, but put it down in the back room in the basement. It wasn't long until the activity started.
"What's that smell?" A big whiff of flowery, old-timey perfume had gotten my attention. Since Isabel never wears any type of fragrance and when she does it's NOT sweet, it puzzled me. She said she hadn't sprayed anything, and none of our windows were open, so it couldn't be from the neighbors. Weird.
We had a small play-kitchen downstairs for my brother's children to play with when they came over. The kids, one five and one 10, both came running upstairs hysterical in the middle of a "Grown-Up Talk". They said they were cooking us some soup and chicken (out of plastic food, of course) and heard a female voice behind them say "Mmm, yummy!" Both of the kids were boys.
The power went out on a July night, and as I was walking upstairs in complete darkness, one of Jeremiah's (my brother's little boy) toys went off. I said wistfully "Is that you, Nina?" The boys had named her Nina, and she seemed to like it. A cash register Jacob had gotten when he was three for play-time went "Ding!" and that was all it took for me to run upstairs like a pack of wild hyenas were chasing me.
Needless to say, this spirit wasn't a bad one. Isabel got fed up with people not wanting to come to our house, so we researched how to send a spirit to the "Other Side" and came up with sprinkling salt in every corner of the house. So, we did, and it worked. We've had no further activity since then.

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