The Ghost I Didn't See

In June, a guy I dated and had been friends with more than 20 years, killed himself. We had fallen out of touch, and he had married someone else. I never had negative feelings about him, though. I still regarded him as a friend.

A week or so after his death, my mother and I were watching tv and it switched on its own to my old friend's favorite show, The Andy Griffith Show. I never really watch that show and my remote wasn't programmed to flip to that channel. The strange thing was, I was falling asleep on the couch and I actually thought it was Matlock, at first. I woke up, watched the episode and at the end of the show, the tv flipped back to the local news. I pressed the recall button and it went to a totally different channel.

If I didn't know how obsessed my friend was with Andy Griffith (we even went to a restaurant called Aunt Bea's one time), I would have been extremely baffled. Now I just assume that it was him probably letting me know that his spirit continued on and there was nothing to worry about. I could be wrong though, I guess, although it would be a highly unlikely coincidence.

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