The Fig Tree

by Roland Gauthier
(Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia, North Borneo)

I am not a man that believes in ghosts,Aliens and so on, but that surely changed for me in February 20 2003.

I am from Maine, but relocated in Sabah, Malaysia North Borneo, It around 6pm and the sun was setting and I was on a walk to get some fresh air from my days hard work load.
I had passed this one Fig tree most-likely 200 years old or more, I thought about climbing it many times as I passed it, well I decided to climb the very tall tree, it had many branches, actually the tree was another species and it was wrapped in a vine called the Fig vine or tree. So climbing this tree was a breeze literally.
I got more than I bargained for, now I have been told many times not to mingle with these trees they are haunted with bad spirits, now on one of my walks i noticed there were 6 or 7 these trees been connected by the fig vine, the tree itself has tiny thin vines hanging down from the tree branches, now this tree was creepy because you see many water monitor lizards hanged from the thin-like vines, and near the trees were an old tribal cemetary so it was creepy, anyhow back to my story, on my climb to get to the top, i had seen the town below me and the air was nice and cool, I seen this one branch that looked like a good place to kick back on, it was wide and safe to sit on.
so I went there and sat...
No joking out of no-where i felt cold and the wind picked up, so feeling a bit spooked I decided I want off this tree quick as possible, so I started to climb down, but after a few limbs down it got very foggy and hard to see my stepping, even more scared i decided to go down faster but i was unable to move anymore being afraid i fall to the ground.
I got more and more cold as the fog swirl around me and the tree.
I yelled out for help, but no response, so i managed to get down 2 more branches and than something I could not explained happened, there was this old lady maybe in her 40's with very long grey and white hair yelling at me i can never leave this tree,she had on this old ragged long coat and it had moss growing on it, her nose was like any wicked witch, she twirled around the tree and said you belong to me forever and you will never be able to leave this tree again, you broke the law, you should never climb old trees, your shall become the tree.
she grabbed my arms 2 times and she was ice cold and her breath was cold as ice too.
I really was frightened,but something came to mind close my eyes and open them and all
be fine, and so i did, and nothing changed she was there still, than some of the branches grabbed my ankles stopping me from moving and the vines wrapped around my arms holding me against the tree. she had an evil laugh to her and yelling you are mine scared me so much, but I was still trying to figure out what was all this about, am I i struggled and than i bit the vine and it let me go and in fell to the ground and i got up and looked up and see the lady swaying in the fog yelling at me not to move I can never leave, I noticed i fell from only 2 branches high, she was swooping down at me and I ran like hell, but there was this cloud rushing at me so black and gray and she yelling no stop now.
I noticed on my run a few people and I said run fast, but they laughed and said I was nuts, but I still ran, the next thing I remembered I was being slapped in the face by some friends, they said i came in and fell to the floor, now the odd part of this moment it lasted 4 hours, during this time I was yelling at the people in native language they spoke, and trust me I did not know how to speak it normally, at time i go to the corner and i was using thin vines and making a basket and two vine dolls and speaking in their language. The lady told me I was saying you can never have him, you can never take him away from me, I make the items to bond him to me my fiance at the time got a local shaman and had her cast this thing away from me... I woke up 2 days later remembering nothing but being on the tree stuck... and looking over at the table i noticed a odd basket and two vine like dolls. They said I made it in front of them all.
I was so spooked and scared that time. A week later we burned those items.
And they told me to stay away from that tree and area. it was my shortcut getting to one part of the town, it was hard not to take that path again, I did but stayed away from that tree, but every time i pass it I get this attraction to go to it, I run away from it from it every time when i feel that. just in 2010 the govt. took the tree down and build govt. buildings over it, so i was happy to see that. but for some odd reason when i pass that place i still get that attraction feeling, i will never go into that building just because of the tree that sat under it before. Too creepy... Thank You its all I have to say.

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